Thursday, January 19, 2012

Utterly disgraceful - Griffins BNP plumbs the depths

Just when you thought the BNP under the crook and traitor Nick Griffin couldn't get any more depraved, we have been sent the below information.

It seems to show and suggest, that we are all 'moneygrubbers' such as Griffin himself and his parasitic leeches. He, and they think, we are all only in nationalism for money.

NWN and all sincere nationalists are really in the struggle to save our nation for our children and their children.

We are in it for the 14 words.

The Fourteen Words is a phrase used predominantly by white nationalists. It most commonly refers to the 14-word slogan: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children".


The below has been sent out to BNP Officials in Scotland;

"In May, Scotland goes to the polls in the country’s important council elections. The Party is hoping to field its largest list of candidates so far. Being an elected councillor in Scotland brings with it a wage of £16,000 annually for the term of four years’ service. The British National Party Leadership in Scotland is now urging members to come forward who have the desire to stand and register with Regional Organiser David Orr".

It is this greed mentality that has helped to destroy the BNP, and it's leading protaganist is the 'once and future bankrupt' Nicholas Griffin MEP.

Shame on Griffin and the BNP, even though we know that Griffin has no shame. He cares not for anyone but himself.

You could not make it up !


Anonymous said...

I can see no reason that English Nationalists will have the desire to visit the BNPScotland site ,,, Even if you could find it. Scotland is a leftie Socialist country. BNP Scotland is f....ked. Scottish BNP members, ie. Scott McLean and Walter Hamilton and other good activists have ploughed thousands of pounds into the BNP - not just Scotland but England. Nick Griffin has sold us down the river. He knows, that, if he ever comes to GLASGOW, he will be truely WELCOMED and he might need to invest in a new eye.

Anonymous said...

Interesting short video.

Anonymous said...

The eight words:

We are in it for the sixteen grand.

Anonymous said...

Read the whole article on the Scottish BNP site. The matter of a wage paid to councillors is a fact in Scotland. I don`t believe the article was saying become a councillor and earn £16,000 at all. It was clearly pointing out that the BNP in Scotland was looking for candidates to stand and that if candidates did stand and get elected that knowledge of a salary for the position was available. Let`s face it, not all folk can give up their full-time work or part-time work to possibly become a councillor and have no income. The salary for the post is one all political parties in Scotland notify their members and possible candidates of. Stop shit stirring! By the way the Scottish BNP website is easily found but if you need a link go to

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