Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sad news - the death of ex BNP Councillor Luke Smith

We heard this evening that Luke Smith has died. Details are very sketchy at the moment.Luke was only about 27 years old.

We at NWN send our condolences to the Smith family and friends in Burnley.

Rest in Peace Luke !


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Anonymous said...

I remember the incident at RWB, and at the time thinking what a bloody awful lout he was, and how he’d let the side down.

Years later, with eyes wide open, it wasn’t Luke’s fault, it was Griffins.
Griffin ever eager to stand anyone to make up numbers no matter what qualifications, or none, that they may have. Steve Smith, was pressurised to make up the numbers, and like all other organisers he did.

The drug and alcohol problems now plaguing our youth are just that, a plague. We live in a country without hope, prospects, or future. Our communities have been smashed, and we are educated to hate ourselves for every event in history created by the upper classes, and ruling governments.
Our youth is trapped and stepped over, ignored, and totally misunderstood.

One thing you can’t take away from Luke, he was brave enough to stand, and he won.


Pete Rushton said...

R.I.P. Luke

When we take our country back, and end the scourge of drug and alcohol addiction, we will be looking forward in hope for future generations, but also looking back in memory of those who didn't live to see our victory, but in many different ways made their contribution to it.

All our thoughts will be with the Smith family tonight.

Thanks Luke for standing up for the people of Burnley when so many others lacked the courage or the commitment.

The BNP Chronicle said...

Any more news?

Boz said...

Yes, here

Anonymous said...

I see, Dave Howard, is mouthing it off. He wants to keep it zipped, or we'll release more photos of him leaving his handlers at the police station.

Anonymous said...

“mikey said...
Unbalanced young men who join far right politics (very often because of an abusive upbringing), are very often suffering from psychiatric disorders which manifest themselves in hatred of other people whether people of a different religion, skin colour, sexual orientation, or football club.

Luke Smith was one of these people, bred by bad parenting into a life of hatred and violence, buring with self-hate which led to his deadly demise.
1:04 PM, July 21, 2008”

What a complete and utter fucking arsehole you are, Mickey, and what a complete lack of knowledge and understanding of depression, and mental disability, you have.

Our politics may be very different, but you could at least show some decency and hold your filthy tongue in this matter. Bad parenting has nothing to do with addiction, or mental ill health, and neither does ones choice of political affiliation. Your rant is akin to that of the insane, Lee Barnes, when daring to pour dirt on the lives of others less fortunate.

Shut your mouth

Huge disregards

S Ebanks

3:06 PM, July 21, 2008

Anonymous said...

What a tragic waste of live. Yes he was a yobo but he was a victim if our fractured society.

Not a bloody word from Griffin's mob about this, bloody disgrace considering he was once part of the BNP family.

Anonymous said...


I was at the RW&B the year there was trouble in the beer tent, it was provoked by some of Griffin's goons and made to look like it was Luke causing trouble, shame on you Griffin!

Anonymous said...

Just read the news for the first time. I'm shocked. I haven't seen him since the day he was elected but i never put him down as someone who would take his own life. Very sad state of affairs.

Mick Treacy

Anonymous said...

Tragic loss...


tonydj said...


Whatever differences may have existed in the past my sympathy goes to his family and friends.


Dave Jones

Anonymous said...

Truly sad news and so young.

RIP Luke

Dave said...

Sorry to hear of this sad news.

R.I.P. Luke.

Anonymous said...

RIP Luke.

That piece of low life scum Gri££in got his goons to pick a fight with Luke at the RWB as an excuse to get rid of Luke and his Uncle Steve Smith, who he saw as a threat to his power and money.

What an utter waste of a young life, so common place in this decaying society.

Anonymous said...

Ex-BNP councillor (26) found hanged

Luke Smith

« Previous « PreviousNext » Next »View GalleryADVERTISEMENTA FORMER Burnley councillor has been found hanged in a busy Burnley road.
Luke Smith (26), of Brunshaw Road, who was said to be suffering from mental health problems, was found near to The Culvert in Yorkshire Street at 4 p.m. on Saturday, opposite the Princess Royal pub.

Police are not treating the death as suspicious.

A post-mortem examination is being held this morning and an inquest into his death is expected to be opened by East Lancashire coroner Mr Richard Taylor on Thursday.

Yesterday, Coun. Sharon Wilkinson, leader of the BNP in Burnley, said: "Our thoughts and feelings are with Luke's family at this sad time."

A Burnley FC fan, Mr Smith was elected to Burnley Council as a British National Party councillor for Lanehead in 2003. However, he resigned three months later over what he said was lack of support from the party's national leadership.

The former Towneley High School pupil, whose uncle Mr Steven Smith, a former BNP organiser and now leader of the England First Party, encouraged him to enter politics, had earlier been suspended from the BNP following an altercation at the party's Red, White and Blue festival in Sawley in August 2003.

At the time of his death the qualified gas fitter was awaiting sentence for an assault on the landlord of the Princess Royal.

In a court appearance last week, Mr Smith's solicitor, Mr Dylan Bradshaw, told Burnley magistrates there had been a deterioration in his client's mental health, and said he was suffering from adjustment disorder, brief reactive depression and mental and behavioural disorder due to misuse of substances.

The full article contains 275 words and appears in n/a newspaper.Page 1 of 1

Last Updated: 22 July 2008 8:55 AM
Source: n/a
Location: Burnley

Anonymous said...

Without wishing to be disrespectful, can someone please tell me how it's possible to hang yourself on a busy road, and directly opposite a pub that gave rise to Lukes court appearance?

"A FORMER Burnley councillor has been found hanged in a busy Burnley road."

"The Culvert in Yorkshire Street at 4 p.m. on Saturday, opposite the Princess Royal pub."

NorthWestNationalists said...

This thread is going to be kept solemn.

There have been a few posts that whilst not abusive or off topic are being placed on the 'backburner' as a mark of respect.

There will be no speculation on Lukes death .

Our friends in Burnley will let us know what, if anything, they wish to be made public.

Please leave the Smith family in peace, in this most desperately sad time.

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