Saturday, July 19, 2008

1983 - Annual Remembrance day service - THE CENOTAPH - WHITEHALL - LONDON.
Yours truly on the right, with the wreath, laying it for the National Front and all ex-forces and Britain's fallen. The NF had marches with over 10,000 + on them. No way is the BNP larger than the old NF.


NorthWestNationalists said...

I often wonder about the attendees of the John Tyndall annual meeting.

Many of them were not even liked by JT.

I was never invited to this seemingly Oswald Mosley service.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Looks like you are wearing the N Ireland medal..

I did some time in palace bks 2 years. said...

Who's that next to Brons? Is it Paul Matthews?

griffin watcher said...

Paul Johnson, fron Kent - if memory serves me correctly.

Also in the picture are John Merritt (Croydon), Neil Bagnall (Lambeth), Tom Mundy (Slough), John Perryman (Merton), Adrian Woods (Croydon) and Blaise Wyndham (former NF President).

And our Pete, of course...

Anonymous said...

Is that pisspants Sid in that foto?

Oh Sorry - case of mistaken identity. After all Sid is a johnny-come-lately to nationalism and never leaves his computer to go out on any activities

bp said...

78 or 79 was the biggest I seem to remember.

Sure it was 78. I feel sorry for those who are recent recruits to Nationalism who missed those days.

Dignified and impressive, NF remembance day marches always were. I doubt we'll see their likes again.

griffin watcher said...

1977 was the best IMHO. About 10,000 people present.

1978 had a similar number, possibly a little more, but the discipline and organisation was significantly inferior. Rumours of a proposed ANL attack prompted Webster to place the 2,000 skins en masse at the back of the parade.

I'm not anti-skin but some of these guys were the dregs - one of them in my immediate vicinity urinated in the middle of the parade during the two minute silence, and several of them had sung football songs as the column approached the centotaph. Again I'm not against football supporters, but there's a time and place for everything ffs.

The numbers on the 1979 parade were significantly lower, possibly as a result of this. By 1980, following the disaster that was the general election and the subsequent splits, only a comparatively tiny rump remained.

bp said...

Maybe it was 1977 I am thinking of, I know it was a huge turnout. You are right about 10,000. Althugh Lady Jane Birdwood put the figure even higher!

NorthWestNationalists said...

Yes Aberdeen patriot it is the Ulster medal.

Did Maze in 1974.

Anonymous said...

If you tell me who you are then i will tell you why you wer not envied to the FRIENDS OF JT MEETING.

Sad but true !