Sunday, November 25, 2007

Griffin to speak at Oxford ?

This has to be a definite sign that 'Herr Griffin' is being backed by the 'Establishment'.
It seems that the tories are going to back this human chameleon, charlatan , crook and liar.
We still cannot see this happening, but if it does, then it sends a definite political signal that the 'ruling classes' are going to continue to support this bum.
Heaven help us !


Anonymous said...

John Tyndall or Nick Griffin ?

What is this all about ?

JT was a master of the written and spoken word.

Griffin is neither.

Anonymous said...

A fatalistic view but probably correct.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is quite possibly being promoted by elements of the Establishment to push the neo-con position. Having someone like Griffin attack the Muslims here and abroad fits in neatly with their position. It also tied in with the liberal Establishment's anti-terror legislation as Griffin focusses on Muslim terror/Islam far more than on immigration per se.

Griffin is quite lijely an Establsihment fall-guy and Griffin probably doesn't care so long as he has money and authority.

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