Thursday, November 15, 2007


The 2006 accounts of Solidarity Trade Union that were submitted to the Certification Office have been found to have been based on false premises and are now considered by the Official Solidarity Executive to be false.

The Treasurer at the time that these accounts were submitted, Mr Patrick Harrington (at the time also its General Secretary), submitted what were considered to have been false accounts with missing receipts pertaining to certain expenditure.

There are no records of at least £475 that have no apparent document trail.

Until these accounts have been established as being fully documented they are to be regarded as irregular.

At the time of the AR21 official accounts being submitted for the year ending 31 December 2006 the Official Soilidarity Executive had suspended it's General Secretary/Treasurer, Pat Harrington for allegations of gross misconduct, misappropriation of funds and non-compliance with Union Rules and Executive orders.

Since the AR21 accounting return is a legal document and unions are required by statute to submit returns and some receipts/bank statements had been submitted by Pat Harrington it was reluctantly decided that the AR21 be signed off as it was felt that the Union should not be in danger of de-registration when the culprit responsible was being disciplined.

Also, both the President and Vice-President of Solidarity were being pressuried and intimidated by the Chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin, and his Treasurer, John Walker, who attempted to force them to sign off the AR21 accounts irrespective of any concerns, merely to save Pat Harrington's face and to prevent the Union from any danger of being deregistered.

Mr Griffin intimidated Mr Potter with the threat of having him publicly smeared as a wrecker and spoke publicly of there being a"Marxist/far-Left/Searchlight plot" (sic) to take over the nationalist union, for which evidence was lacking and never forthcoming.

However, Harrington - without waiting for the outcome of the disciplinary investigation or complaining to the Certification Office about any concerns over his disciplining, hijacked Solidarity with his old NF mentor, Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party, who immediately took control of the website and launched a campaign of disinformation and black propaganda against the legitimate official Solidarity Executive. With a cabal of BNP dupes and Third Way muppets Harrington was able to steal the Union's organisation and funds.

Clearly, all further accounts from Solidarity will no longer be transparent. It is essential that all individuals who are concerned at the misconduct of Patrick Harrington and the Solidarity accounts express their concerns with the Certification Office and /or the Police.

All Solidarity members and any other individual who wishes to complain about the irregular accounts year ending 31 December 2006 as submitted on the AR21 to the Certification Office should contact the Police and/or the Cert Office at Certification Office for Trade Unions and Employers' Associations Brandon House, 180 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LW Tel: 020 7210 3734 Fax: 020 7210 3612 E-mail: Under the Trade Union and Labour Relations(Consolidation) Act 1992 (Amended) any member or individual who is concerned that some irregularity maybe occurring, or have occurred, in the conduct of the financial affairs of the union may take steps with a view to investigating and, if necessary, securing regularisation of that conduct.
The CertificationOffice is an independent officer appointed by theSecretary of State.

The 2006 accounts can be viewed online under the link

To read the findings of the Solidarity Executive into Patrick Harrington and the financial irregularities apparent please check and viewthe link


It is essential that all right-thinking and decentpeople complain to the Police and to the Certification Office to get these dubious accounts investigated and, if necessary, to get Solidarity de-registered as it is no longer an independent union but aGriffinite-led front run by a BNP/Third Way faction who are no longer leading a real trade union, but merely a politicalised group that is not interested in the wider issues of trade unionism or British workers'rights.


Anonymous said...

Our Union will be responding to all those who have attacked it and the fact that you call yourself 'Nationalists' will not absolve or pardon you.

Anonymous said...

Great to see that our Union GS Pat Harrington has trademarked the Union logo. I expect he will now start legal moves relating to Data Protection, infringement of Intellectual Property rights, defamation and so on. Happy New Year!

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