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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Hundreds march in support of ex-soldier charged over 1974 Troubles shooting

Hundreds of army veterans have marched in Westminster alongside a former soldier who is facing prosecution in connection with the death of a vulnerable man during the Troubles.
Dennis Hutchings, 76, is due to stand trial on charges linked to the shooting of John Pat Cunningham, a 27-year-old with learning difficulties who was killed in disputed circumstances in County Armagh in 1974.
Hutchings is accused of the attempted murder of unarmed Mr Cunningham. A court has heard that when the victim was shot he was running away from an Army patrol because he had a fear of men in uniform.
Former British soldier Dennis Hutchings during the protest (Gareth Fuller/PA)
Former British soldier Dennis Hutchings during the protest (Gareth Fuller/PA)
Hutchings, of Cawsand, Cornwall, is also facing a charge of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm to Mr Cunningham.
Campaign group Justice For Northern Ireland Veterans organised the solidarity march to protest at a number of recent investigations into the conduct of soldiers stationed in Northern Ireland during the conflict, which they say has been an unfair witch-hunt.
The march was met with a counter demonstration, by campaigners holding a silent vigil and carrying placards which read “I am John Pat Cunningham”. At points, there were verbal clashes.
Supporters of John Pat Cunningham hold a counter protest (Gareth Fuller/P)
Supporters of John Pat Cunningham hold a counter protest (Gareth Fuller/P)

As the group of ex-soldiers marched past Parliament, Mr Hutchings threw his military medals at the building.
One of the march organisers Alan Barry said: “If you let terrorists go free from jail, you cannot then go and prosecute the very people who were sent in to fight that dirty war in the first place, and that was us.”
Mr Hutchings said: “Today went very well. I hope it shows the Government they have to do something about this absolute travesty of justice”.
Supporters of Dennis Hutchings march along The Mall
Supporters of Dennis Hutchings march along The Mall
Many of the veterans wore their former military uniforms, decorated with medals they were awarded for their time in Northern Ireland and also carried Union and Northern Ireland flags.
After congregating in Horse Guards Parade, they marched to Buckingham Palace, where they sang a rendition of God Save the Queen, before marching to Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square and then arriving at parliament.
Paul O’Connor, from the Pat Finucane Centre which works with the Cunningham family, was among those counter-protesting.
He said: “We’re here today to remind people of who the victim was. It was John Pat Cunningham.
“I know that the British Army has had a culture of impunity over the years and they believe that they are not subject to the rule of law like anyone else, but they are – or they should be.”
Mr O’Connor claimed some of those involved in the rally were abusive toward the counter-protesters.
Other counter-protests took place at locations in Northern Ireland including Belfast, Londonderry, Strabane and County Armagh.
The director of public prosecutions Barra McGrory has previously denied any bias against soldiers in decisions on whether to prosecute over historical deaths.
In January, he said: “The simple and clear reality is that we deal with cases as they are referred to us, in accordance with the Code for Prosecutors. There is no imbalance of approach within the PPS (Public Prosecution Service).”

NWN: We do not want a 'statute of limitations'. The marxists and the marxist Sinn Fein/IRA are trying to re-write history here and put the blame of the war that raged over in Northern Ireland  onto the soldiers who served over there. The IRA's murderers were given their amnesty and 'Freedom letters' by Tony Blair. The 'Good Friday agreement' that the traitor Tony Blair signed with the other useless sidekicks  Mo Mowlem and John Reid is nothing but the giving away of Northern Ireland to Sinn Fein/IRA and Ireland. This is part of the globalist plan to destroy the United Kingdom. The harassment of it's proud Armed Forces is also a part of that plan to destroy the UK by denigrating our most cherished institutions.

Friday, September 15, 2017


The Camp of the Saints: This Century’s ‘1984’

**Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, September 8, 2017
***Originally published by AmRen

Jean Raspail, Camp of the Saints, Social Contract Press, 1973, 306pp., $17.95 (softcover).
“In this curious war taking shape, those who loved themselves best were the ones who would triumph.” – Jean Raspail
The Camp of the Saints, written by Jean Raspail in 1973, is a novel about the end of the white race. Its eerily prophetic premise is that one day, the Third World masses decide to board what ships they can find and head for Europe. There is no apparent reason for their embarkation: No natural disaster, war, famine, or disease has struck. One day they simply push off from the coast of India.

The novel follows the ship’s long journey, but its focus is on the Europeans waiting for it—waiting for the “due date” of a new world. The cast of characters is large: media personalities, politicians, academics, priests, soldiers, small businessmen, workers—every typical profession in the modern world. That is obviously deliberate because The Camp of the Saintsis about all of us—about white people. It is about our weaknesses, indulgences, and unwillingness to survive. The millions of Third Worlders are a mirror image of that civilizational masochism.
There are many books for dissidents that cover the science of racial differences, or chronicle non-white dysfunction, or even that serve as an example of what lunacies our enemies believe. But books about whites across the globe, as a race with a common past and a shared destiny, are unusual. The author is French, and much of the novel takes place in his home country, but the book does not have a single sentence of outdated nationalism. Mr. Raspail mentions every corner of the white world: New York City, London, Australia, even Soviet Russia and Apartheid South Africa.
Instead of gaudily focusing on black thugs, Arab terrorists, or conniving Asians, The Camp of the Saints puts the white race in front of a mirror to ask, “Why do you bow to those who wish you harm and who promise you subjugation?” This question takes up most of the book because the Third World does not reach Europe until the very end. The story is mainly about what goes on in the minds of whites as the “armada” of aliens slowly approaches.
Mr. Raspail brilliantly depicts the weakness of the West’s elites. Even as millions of non-whites who share no language, culture, or religion with Europe approach, media and government alike welcome this coming dawn that will end the West’s present Dark Age.
Sept. 3, 2015 - ..Hundreds of people attend a demonstration at the Guildhall Square in Londonderry demanding that the European Union open its borders and let in refugees fleeing war-torn regions of the Middle East and Africa. The demonstration was organised by People Before Profit and supported by the NI Council for Ethnic Minorities and Unison...Pro-refugee demonstration, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, Britain - 03 Sep 2015. (Credit Image: © George Sweeney/Rex Shutterstock via ZUMA Press)
During the French government’s first cabinet meeting about the situation, one minister proposes that the fleet itself be given nationhood status. It could become history’s first migratory nation, with regular shipments of food and medicine delivered by the UN—but kept offshore.
Another minister upbraids him:
[This] drama . . . shows the way to man’s loftiest transformation, as he stands, at last, at this hour of materialism’s ultimate upheaval. Or are we some petty village council, called by the mayor to tighten the ban against gypsies camping on our public lands? . . .
Gentlemen, what difference does it make if this fleet, heading west, inching its way through our conscience with its last ounce of strength, like a dying indictment, lands on the shores of France, or Germany, or England? . . . All the privileged nations must stand up as one, must lend one solemn ear to the eternal question, ‘Cain, where is Abel thy brother . . .?’ Can any among you fail to perceive that France owes it to herself to respond in a clear, compassionate voice, and to plan a heartfelt welcome, here and now, in keeping with both our material wealth and our moral resources? At the moment of truth, how urgent it will be to know how to read the signs and symbols, and master our own selfish interests!
All the suicidal Western concepts are there: the idea that diversity is redemption, the guilt about wealth and comfort, pathological altruism—all with a curious veneer of ambivalence. What does it matter? We’ve had our day in the sun. To care about survival would be prejudice.
Cardinal and Archbishop Rainer Maria Woelki celebrates a Corpus Christi mass at a refugee boat serving as an altar in front of the dome in Cologne, Germany. (Credit Image: © Rolf Vennenbernd/DPA via ZUMA Press)
The Camp of the Saints follows the purveyors of these poisonous ideas throughout the white world. There is Clémont Dio, France’s radio personality and public intellectual with Arab blood and a passion for destroying the existing order. There is the Pope, a white South American whose sense of Christian charity is indistinguishable from secular post-modern pap. There are vagabond hippies, unhappy with the world and eager to see anything new come and replace it. There are vapid celebrities looking for a photo op.
It is all too familiar, and a mark of incredible prescience that a novel written two generations ago in another country has a cast of characters immediately recognizable to any American in the current year. The Camp of the Saints even has good-hearted, normal white citizens suspicious of the coming changes, but paralyzed by dishonest media and the fear of social stigma.
At the same time, the novel portrays the West’s valiant remnant: An aging professor who has always known this day would come and is happy to make a last stand, rifle at the ready; the few military men who know what is required; a straight-thinking publisher; the stray government official with an ounce of wisdom left in his bureaucratized brain; even men of the cloth who never drank egalitarian foolishness. But they are lonely voices and cannot stave off disaster.
The book’s strength is its unwillingness to settle for easy answers. There is no cabal of Jews or bankers behind our race’s suicide. The bias of the media is not concocted by a conspiracy. Christianity is not a disease of the mind, but a sociological reality. The villains are not all perverts or pedophiles; the heroes are not flawless and square jawed. The Camp of the Saints takes stock of the world as it is, and then thrusts a crisis upon it to see what would happen. The author has said that he didn’t know the story’s ending when he started.
George Orwell’s 1984 helped the world understand the last century’s crisis: the struggle between totalitarianism and freedom. Jean Raspail’s novel tackles this century’s crisis: whether the white world can survive the Third World’s demographic tidal wave. That crisis is upon us now—in its early stages—and like Jean Raspail, we do not know how the story will end. But The Camp of the Saints begs us to wake up.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

German right-wing party on course to enter parliament

AP Photo

Latest News
German right-wing party on course to enter parliament


PFORZHEIM, Germany (AP) -- A nationalist party that wants Germany to close its borders to migrants, give up the euro and end sanctions against Russia is predicted to enter parliament for the first time, propelled by voters' anger at Chancellor Angela Merkel's decision to admit over a million refugees since 2015.
Alternative for Germany, or AfD, is forecast to take between 8 and 11 percent of the vote on Sept. 24, giving it dozens of lawmakers in the national parliament. Some polls even project that it could even place third behind Merkel's party and the center-left Social Democrats.
If the predictions are correct, it would be the first time in 60 years that a party to the right of Merkel's conservative Union bloc has attracted enough votes to enter the Bundestag.
"It's quite an achievement for a right-wing party to clear the 5 percent minimum threshold," said Gideon Botsch, a political scientist at the University of Potsdam near Berlin.
AfD's poll numbers are all the more remarkable because the party has become increasingly extreme since its founding in 2013, according to Botsch.
"German voters haven't wanted to vote for a right-wing party in recent decades," he said. "Germany's Nazi history is obviously one of the reasons for that."
At an election rally last week in the southwestern city of Pforzheim, a mostly male, middle-aged audience gave a standing ovation to party co-leader Alexander Gauland, a 76-year-old former civil servant. Gauland, a former member of Merkel's Christian Democratic Union, sparked controversy last year by saying that Germans don't want to live next to a black football player.
He made headlines again recently for suggesting that the government's integration czar should be "disposed of" in Turkey, from where her family emigrated before she was born.
In Pforzheim, Gauland touched on a subject the party's supporters are particularly anxious about: the influx of migrants from Muslim-majority countries such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
"Only if we defend Europe against a new Islamic invasion," he told the crowd, "do we have a chance to remain a majority in this country and survive."
Gauland's anti-Islam comments fell on fertile ground in Pforzheim, which is located at the northern tip of Germany's Black Forest. His party achieved a surprise victory there in last year's regional election. It now has seats in 13 state assemblies and the European Parliament.
Observers say AfD benefited from Pforzheim's large population of so-called Russlanddeutsche - ethnic Germans who emigrated from the former Soviet Union and hold more conservative views than the general population.
One such voter, Waldemar Meister, said he thinks AfD is the only party that listens to ordinary people's concerns.
"We're lied to, we're deceived (by the other parties)," he said.
According to Timo Lochocki, a Berlin-based researcher at the German Marshall Fund think tank, AfD's success is partly due to the disillusionment voters feel with Germany's established political parties. The development mirrors Britain's vote to leave the European Union and the rise of U.S. President Donald Trump, whose election AfD enthusiastically endorsed.
Nico Siegel, head of the infratest dimap polling agency, said more than half of people who vote for AfD say they did so out of dissatisfaction with other parties, drawing votes from all the others.
"The AfD is like a vacuum cleaner for those unsatisfied with the other parties," he said.
Like populist politicians and parties elsewhere, AfD portrays itself as the lone voice of the people and all others, from mainstream politicians to journalists, as enemies or even traitors. It also enjoys good ties with Moscow .
The party has created a formidable social media machine with which to stoke outrage against migrants, Merkel and the media. It has by far the highest number of Facebook followers of all German political parties, and members avidly use Twitter to share news about crimes if they are committed by migrants .
Although the number of asylum-seekers arriving in Germany has dropped sharply since 2015 , the issue remains at the top of the political agenda partly due to the absence of other major problems in the country, Lochocki said.
Germany's unemployment is low, wages are rising and Merkel has absorbed most of her left-wing rivals' political positions - from phasing out nuclear power to allowing same-sex marriage and easing immigration rules.
"Merkel has lost credibility among conservatives," said Bernd Lucke, one of the founders of AfD who left the party in 2015 after losing a leadership battle. Lucke said many German conservatives are unsure who they'll back this time round.
Recent opinion polls show almost half of German voters are still undecided.
Some in AfD fear the party's unwillingness to clamp down on extreme nationalist rhetoric and veiled anti-Semitism could end up costing it precious votes.
"Germans would rather vote for nuclear war than for Nazis," AfD's regional head in North Rhine-Westphalia state, Marcus Pretzell, told The Associated Press in May.
This week, the party closed ranks around co-leader Alice Weidel following media reports that she had expressed racist views in a private email four years ago.
Senior AfD figures dismissed the report in the weekly Welt am Sonntag, which quoted from an email Weidel allegedly sent to an acquaintance in which she claimed the government was trying to cause "civil war" by systematically flooding German cities with Arab and Roma migrants.
Another report on Wednesday threatened to embarrass the party further. Weidel's lawyer told Die Zeit newspaper that while Weidel had been friends with a Syrian asylum-seeker and had her over to visit, the newspaper's report that she had employed the woman under-the-table as a housecleaner last year was untrue.
AfD later issued a statement reiterating that Weidel never employed the asylum-seeker.
Botsch, the political scientist, said it's conceivable AfD might again fail at the last hurdle - like it did in 2013, when it ended up with 4.7 percent of the vote.
On the other hand, if the party comes in third and Merkel's Union bloc continues its coalition with the center-left Social Democrats, AfD could end up being the biggest opposition party, with special privileges in Parliament.
"That will put AfD in a very strong position, but a lot depends on whether it can behave professionally," Botsch said.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Huey Long - 'The Kingfish'.

Long was a US politician from the 1930's who was assassinated by a jew called Carl Weiss and died on 10th September 1935. Long would have stopped the zionist puppet Roosevelt from involving the USA in World War 2.Many people have charged that Long would have beaten Roosevelt to become the US President and hence the need to remove Long from any such challenge.

In this short speech, Long describes the two main US political parties. His description could equally apply to here in the UK with the two party system/game we also have.

Huey Pierce Long Jr. (August 30, 1893 – September 10, 1935), self-nicknamed The Kingfish, was an American politician who served as the 40th governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932 and as a member of the United States Senate from 1932 until his death by assassination in 1935. A Democrat, he was an outspoken populist who denounced the wealthy and the banks and called for a "Share Our Wealth" program. As the political leader of the state, he commanded wide networks of supporters and was willing to take forceful action. He established the long-term political prominence of the Long family.
Long's Share Our Wealth plan was established in 1934 under the motto "Every Man a King," also the title of his autobiography. It proposed new wealth redistribution measures in the form of a net asset tax on corporations and individuals to curb the poverty and homelessness epidemic nationwide during the Great Depression. To stimulate the economy, Long advocated federal spending on public works, schools and colleges, and old age pensions. He was an ardent critic of the policies of the Federal Reserve System.
A supporter of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1932 presidential election, Long split with Roosevelt in June 1933 to plan his own presidential bid for 1936 in alliance with the influential Catholic priest and radio commentator Charles Coughlin. Long was assassinated in 1935, and his national movement soon faded, but his legacy continued in Louisiana through his wife, Senator Rose McConnell Long; his son, Senator Russell B. Long, and his brothers, Earl Kemp Long and George S. Long, as well as several other more distant relatives.[1]
Under Long's leadership, hospitals and educational institutions were expanded, a system of charity hospitals was set up that provided health care for the poor, massive highway construction and free bridges brought an end to rural isolation, and textbooks, bought with tax monies rather than individually by parents, were provided to schoolchildren. He remains a controversial figure in Louisiana history, with critics and supporters debating whether he could have potentially become a dictator or was a demagogue.[2] 

Hollywood legend Gene Kelly handed thousands to the IRA.

HOLLYWOOD legend Gene Kelly donated cash to the IRA to buy guns, it was revealed yesterday

During a meeting with a senior republican he handed over a pounds 20,000 cheque, saying: "This money is for guns. I certainly don't want it going to any do-gooders."

Kelly donated the money during a covert fund-raising mission to the US in 1970 by Cathal Goulding, head of the Official IRA.

The singer, who was born into a staunchly Republican Irish-American family in 1912, had kept a lifelong interest in Irish politics.

He was introduced to Goulding by his close friend, Irish writer Dominic Behan, who once lived in Scotland.

According to John Campbell, a friend of Behan, Kelly couldn't wait to meet the IRA leader.

He said: "Dominic told me Gene Kelly's favourite song was The Patriot Game and when he told the American he could introduce him to the leader of the IRA, Kelly turned to putty.

"He couldn't wait to meet Goulding and when the IRA man asked him to make a donation to the Republican movement he handed over pounds 20,000 without blinking.

"Goulding said that he'd spend the money whichever way he saw fit."

Goulding's dream was to unite with Protestants against the British in Northern Ireland.

It was this vision by the Chief of Staff which eventually split the IRA and led to the birth of the Provisional IRA.

Kelly, who died in 1996, is thought to have left several thousand pounds in his will to the controversial Republican fund-raising group NORAID.
COPYRIGHT 2000 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday

NWN: The IRA's tap dancer. Kelly was well known as being a 'left winger', but this isn't too well known.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Peter Sweden Doxxed By ‘Hope Not Hate’, A Spy Group Coming to the US

There May Be Infiltrators In Our Ranks

There may be infiltrators in our ranks that are great at manipulating, talking and gathering information on the movement.
A British advocacy group, Hope Not Hate, is setting up shop in the US, promising to bring “undercover operatives” to infiltrate our country in their campaign to “counter racism and fascism.”  However, they target conservatives and those who oppose globalism and mass immigration.  Hope Not Hate is partially funded by a branch of the UK government, the Department for Communities and Local Government, which raises questions about whether a foreign-funded spy ring will be operating on US soil.  Hope Not Hate has received additional funding from George Soros.
Hope Not Hate was founded in 2004 by Nick Lowles, a former editor of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight.  Hope Not Hate has ties to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that is known for conflating extremist groups with conservatives and Christians, and they publish a ‘hate map’ that sets conservatives up as targets.
Hate Not Hope doxxed a man known as Peter Sweden, an activist opposed to open immigration into Europe, and a member of Defend Europe.  He worked to stop economic migrants from Africa from sailing to Italy.  He says that Hope Not Hate used the internet to publish his personal information and the personal information of his family.
Peter Sweden said that the writer for Expo who doxxed him, Morgan Finnsio, is a member of the Bonnier elite Jewish family who owns 80% of the mainstream media.  Peter says that some of the information that was used against him could have only come from the Swedish government itself.  Morgan Finnsio’s mother works for the Swedish government.  Because doxxing ruins employment opportunities for many people, Peter Sweden has decided to work as a full-time activist against the globalists.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

PrestonBNP e-mail box not now operating................

For those who have communicated with that old e-mail address. Please be aware that due to problems with Yahoo, it is no longer in use and hasn't operated for most of this year.

It was mainly used for the Preston by-election in 2000, when the BNP stood in the town as it was then.

That e-mail box was operational since 1998.
For those it may concern.

Ursula Haverbeck loses appeal, gets longer sentence of two years prison

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2017-09-01 13:59

Dangrous criminal 88-year-old Ursula Haverbeck in court again where she was sentenced to two years imprisonment without parole for calling the holohoax a lie in Germany.

By Carolyn Yeager
THE BEAUTIFUL AND COURAGEOUS URSULA HAVERBECK, NOW 88 YEARS OLD, received an increased sentence of 2 years by the appeals court she applied to after her 10 month sentence from a Verdun district court last November.
In the Verdun court, she was found guilty of holocaust denial and incitement. On Monday, August 29 the appeals court found her guilty of eight counts of “inciting the German people to holocaust denial” and gave her an even longer two years in prison without parole. It's like she was punished for bothering the court with her appeal, and a warning given to others not to follow her example. Yet we know the Jews cost the German people millions upon millions of euros with their endless legal actions brought against elderly former SS members who happened to be assigned to work at a camp during WWII.
It's also true that the German people don't get any news about Haverbeck's “denial claims” anyway, so it's not possible they could become “incited” by her. It's a news blackout in Germany for anything remotely revisionist; even the Internet is censored. As I understand it, her articles were only published in a LOCAL newspaper Stimme des Reiches (Voices of the Reich), read by very few who are already sympathetic. I cannot even find any mention of this verdict in the German news, and only one story from the UK.
The whole set-up in Germany is a farce, acting as if Ursula Haverbeck is a genuine threat to the constitution – a constitution that was given to the FRG by the Americans, NOT ever approved by a referendum of the German people. Conditions in Germany are similar to George Orwell's novel 1984, where massive brainwashing is the order of the day. Jews are elevated to high positions of cultural authority from whence they make pronouncements on what is and is not allowed.
Germany is a very sick society today. Ursula Haverbeck is a brave voice for intellectual freedom who will not be silenced, and that is her only crime. 

NWN : So, an era of history that must be 'protected' from scrutiny  by jailing very old ladies ?

Monday, August 28, 2017

What the bloody hell is all this about ?

These leaflets were put through homes on my street earlier this evening. Apparently, a 'Qurbani' is a 'sacrifice'. 

What would we be doing with a camel or a goat round here ?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

White supremacist forum site Stormfront seized by domain hosts

Barricades and construction vehicles were put into place as 17th St. shuts down ahead of planned protest in Fort Sanders on Saturday.Brianna Paciorka/News Sentinel

Stormfront, an international supremacist web forum, appears to have been seized by its website host, Network Solutions, LLC.
The forum disappeared Friday. WhoIs, a web service that tracks site ownership, reported the Stormfront domain's status as "under hold."
According to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a nonprofit that coordinates name spaces on the Internet, a hold status is an uncommon status that indicates a site is under legal dispute or about to be deleted.
Network Solutions has also prohibited Stormfront from updating, transferring or deleting its web forum on its own. That means Stormfront's web masters cannot re-introduce the site on another domain.
Should Network Solutions go through with deleting the website itself, any re-emerging version would have to start from scratch. 
The Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law has claimed responsibility for the site's removal. Executive Director Kristen Clarke said in an email that the nonprofit group has "taken action against Stormfront."
"Their website is a vehicle used to promote racially-motivated violence and hate," Clarke wrote. The Committee said they sent a letter citing a clause in Network Solutions Acceptable Use Policy, which prohibits using their domains "to display bigotry, discrimination or hatred.”
Stormfront has been online for about 10 years. 
"Following our efforts, Network Solutions has pulled the site," Clarke said. "And while bringing down one site won't terminate their efforts, it will make it a little more difficult for white supremacists to sow hatred."
The site's removal comes less than two weeks after the domain host GoDaddy told the supremacist commentary site The Daily Stormer that it had 24 hours to find a new web host after the site published a post praising the death of Heather Heyer, who was killed at a violent supremacist rally in Charlottseville that the site referred to as "The Battle of Charlottesville." Google pulled its support for the site soon after.
The internet security service CloudFlare also removed its protections from The Daily Stormer. So when the site found a new domain with Dreamhost, the host reportedly fell under a mass Distributed Denial of Service attack, which shut The Daily Stormer down again. 

Free speech debate

GoDaddy, Google and Cloudflare's decisions to drop services to the Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer sparked a national debate about freedom of speech on the internet.
In an opinion piece to the Wall Street Journal, Matthew Prince, CloudFlare's CEO and co-founder said he was still torn over the decision to remove The Daily Stormer.
"Firing a Nazi customer gets you glowing notes from around the world thanking you for standing up to hate. But a week later, I continue to worry about this power and the potential precedent being set," Prince wrote.
"I’d like to fall back on the First Amendment. I’m the son of a journalist. I grew up with discussions around the dinner table on the importance of freedom of speech," he continued. "But the First Amendment doesn’t compel private companies to let anyone broadcast on their platforms."
The Stormfront forum is also a CloudFlare client. Spokeswoman Daniella Vallurupalli declined comment on the status of its service agreement with the website. "Cloudflare's policy is to not comment on users without their permission," she said.

Summit plans murky

Don Black, a former Grand Wizard in the Klu Klux Klan and member of the American Nazi Party, launched Stormfront about 10 years ago as an online bulletin board system. The website had amassed more than 300,000 members on at least four continents before its disappearance. 
Black began hosting summits for the online community in East Tennessee in 2010. This year, the group was planning its seventh annual "Great Smoky Mountain Summit" at an undisclosed location near Knoxville. Plans for the summit included appearances by Klu Klux Klan attorney Sam Dickson and David Duke, another prominent former KKK leader. 
It is unclear if those plans will go on now that the forum has been removed. 
The USA Today Network—Tennessee has reached out to Black via email and Twitter to find out if plans for the summit continue. Black's email however, is registered on the same domain as Stormfront, so Black may not be able to access the message.

We seem to be experiencing some problems with BLOGGER. Hopefully this will soon be sorted out.